Student of the Month

Rotarians understand the importance of our community’s youth. Guided by this understanding the membership established a student recognition program. A program that recognizes achievement, leadership and helps to support high school students in their transition to higher education.

During the months of September through April high school seniors are selected by their school’s administration. Sioux City’s high schools; East High, Heelan, North High, West High, and Siouxland Community Christian select these students based upon their:

  • Academic Standing
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Community Involvement
  • Leadership and Service to Others

These selected students are invited to speak to the membership during a general membership meeting; one each month from September through March and two in April. Each receives a Student of The Month certificate and a $100 cash award. They then become eligible for a $1,000 scholarship from one of Sioux City’s three colleges; Briar Cliff University, Morningside College, or Western Iowa Tech Community College.

In May all nine students once again present at a general membership meeting where they are then voted on by the attending members. The selected student receives a Student of the Year Plaque plus an additional $100 cash award and a $300 donation made in their name to the charity of their choice. He or She then becomes eligible for an additional $2,000 scholarship from one of the Sioux City’s three colleges.

To find out more about this program visit with your school’s guidance counselor.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation that would be allocated to this program use the “Donate” button below. We appreciate the  support you provide to the youth and the future of our community.

2020/2021 Bereket Ware- Bishop Heelan

2019/2020 Javier Fuentes – West High School

2018/2019 Rachel Pirrie – Siouxland Christian School

2017/2018 Wajeeha Mariam – North High School

2016/2017 Lexi Ricke – Bishop Heelan Catholic High School

2015/2016 Kathleen Meis – West High School

2014/2015 Patrick Dougherty – Bishop Heelan Catholic High School

2013/2014 Gerardo Guerrero – West High School

2012/2013 Consuelo Valladolid – North High School

2011/2012 Thomas Auen – Bishop Heelan Catholic High School

2010/2011 Matthew Everett – West High School

2009/2010 Dannika Nash – West High School

2008/2009 Erin Kiel – East High School

2007/2008 Brittany Kielhold – East High School

2006/2007 Colin Morgan – West High School

2005/2006 Annika Kolbo – West High School

2005/2006 Nicholas Daane – East High School

2004/2005 Jordon Wall – East High School

2003/2004 Diana Garcia – North High School

Thank you to these businesses for partnering with us to sponsor the Student of the Month Program!