Foodbank of Siouxland Selected for Youth Work Fund Grant

For many years, our club’s fundraising efforts have been centered on our community’s youth, and this year is no exception. In August, our members selected the Food Bank of Siouxland for their 2012-2013  fundraising drive.  Our target is the organization’s Food for Kids Program.

The Food Bank developed The BackPack Program: Food For Kids to address our area’s food insecurity and to feed elementary school children who need nutritious food during the weekend.  Many of these children receive meals at school during the week but may not have any food until they go back to school when the weekend is over.

Knowing that children are at risk for suffering from hunger, and understanding that these children have no way to resolve this challenge themselves, our members chose to make this community need their current focus. We want to play a small part in providing for these children and to help the Food Bank of Siouxland with the resources needed to supply food that can be opened by children and eaten at home.

Through our Youth Work Fund Grant Program,  we voted to pledge both financial and volunteer support to this cause, to help the Food Bank of Siouxland ease hunger in our community, and to prevent our community’s neediest children from going hungry.

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