On the surface Sioux City’s local Rotary club provides the opportunity to serve the community alongside other established business and community leaders. But underneath you have the chance to give back to your community, establish great friendships and to do things you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to do. Rotary provides opportunities to get involved locally, regionally and internationally with focuses on may different area of interest. It is almost a fit for anyone who feels a sense of service above self and has a willingness to do something bigger than themselves.

As members of our local club we work to take action. We build, support, and organize. We connect with other professionals and use our skills to help others. We reach out to learn about our community’s issues and combine resources to help face those challenges.

Our local Sioux City Rotary Foundation is the financial arm that helps our membership carry out our charitable cause.

Nationally all local clubs belong to a global association, Rotary International (RI), whose goal is to help support and strengthen local clubs, enhance public image and awareness, and focus and increase humanitarian service. Local clubs are further organized into districts which help to regionalize efforts to better support local clubs, celebrate achievements and bring Rotarians from different clubs together.

The Rotary Foundation is the Rotary community’s international non-profit corporation and just one of the tools that helps Rotarians meet their goals locally, regionally, and internationally with grants that support their efforts.

The Rotary communities’ biggest international effort is to eradicate polio from the planet. After 25 years the Rotary community is close to having a polio-free world. Visit www.endpolio.org to view the progress that has already been made.

To find out how you can get involved, connect with a Rotarian in your community and let them know why you would like to get involved.